The Importance of Carpet Cushion

Ready to install a new carpet in your home? Now is the time to add carpet cushion to your budget. 

the importance of carpet cushionIf you are ready to install the new carpet you got for your home, don’t forget that now is the time to add carpet cushion to your budget. Carpet padding is the secret for the durability of your carpet. The cushion is essentially the foundation of the flooring and without it; you're subjecting your carpet to unnecessary damage and shortening the life of it. Carpet padding is not merely there for your comfort. The primary purpose of carpet padding is to absorb shock and impact, instead of the carpet itself. Having the proper carpet cushion will also help to even out weight distribution to prevent dents in the carpet. Further, when the right type of carpet cushion is in place, it will prevent shredding and tearing of carpet fibers which eventually make your carpet look old and worn. The padding works to alleviate stress on the carpet, and it absorbs what would be the wear and tear and potential, unnecessary damage that would otherwise be taken on by the carpet fibers. It is important to purchase the right cushioning to go with your carpet of choice. Having a quality carpet with an inferior grade of cushioning doesn't work, and this is the same if quality padding is paired with a low-grade carpet. Refrain from buying padding that is too thick or soft. Cushioning that is too soft will eventually cave in, bottom out and lessen the life of your carpet overall.

Other Features and Benefits: 

The best feeling under foot: carpet cushion makes the carpet feel richer and thicker. 

Insulation: will prevent heat loss through the floor. Customer will feel warmer on cold days.

Life of Carpet: prevents bald spots and crushing.

Noise Reduction: will absorb sound in high traffic areas. 

Make sure to discuss with your flooring professional at Avant Garde Carpet One Floor & Home the padding options available. It is important to pick the proper grade of cushioning for your carpet to protect your investment.